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James Rosenquist

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James Rosenquist (American, b.1933)
A specialty of James Rosenquist, one of the leaders of the Pop Art Movement, is taking fragmented, oddly disproportionate images and combining, overlapping, and putting them in an artwork to create visual stories. Each of the elements within an artwork has some meaning. For example, tire tracks and automobiles, which appear frequently in Rosenquist’s works, have a personal reference and relate to a car accident involving Rosenquist and his wife and son. Some of the images may have a personal meaning for the artist or may simply be present as everyday objects that can be identified by any viewer. Sunglasses is another image Rosenquist uses alot. This may refer to his home in Tampa or the beach or a vacation. Any of the images may be symbols that have other meanings in this artist’s life. Thus, Rosenquist presents his life, his concerns and his evolution in art within each artwork.

James Rosenquist has created an exceptional and consistently intriguing body of work…a clear demonstration of a gifted artist's pursuit of a unique aesthetic path that also reveals larger truths about the surrounding culture.

James Rosenquist’s artwork is included in numerous public and Private collections throughout the world including the Art Institute of Chicago, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim, New York, Spain and Berlin, National Gallery of Australia, and the National Gallery of Canada.


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